Intermediate bulk containers or IBC bin systems and IBC inverter stations for Poor Flowing Cohesive Powders.

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Ajax Bin Systems

No two bulk materials are alike, clients demands vary widely. Therefore, in order to allow users to choose a system that fits in most closely with their operating needs, three separate classes of IBC systems are made by Ajax: -

- Gravity Flow Bins - Standard and LynflowTM Bins

Standard Self-standing, Gravity Flow bins are available in Mild Steel, Stainless Steel and Plastic. These are used with easy flowing products or conventional vibrating discharge stations. Suitable for simple duties, these standard bins are complete with a hand operated valve and removable lid. Design variations and special sizes are available.

LynflowTM Bins are designed to promote reliable flow and gravity discharge through the smallest openings practical. Their state-of-art design geometry is based upon measured flow related properties of the bulk material handled. These include wall slip characteristics and the shear strength opposing the commencement of flow in given states of compaction.

- Cone Valve Bins - Based on ISL Valve Technology

These bins are made with either 300 or 500 diameter cone valves which are activated by air pressure to open and vibrate to stimulate flow. The new design principles isolate the simple operating mechanism from the flow path. Powerful, but sensitive control is given by the units, which are able to delicately throttle the flow over a wide range of valve opening. The applications are supported by the range of Ajax screw and associated products for bulk handling and processing, including specialised experience in powder testing, segregation and other flow related phenomenon. [More Information]

- Invertabins - The 'Virtue Strong' Range

The Ajax 'Invertabin' range offer the ultimate in terms of storage capacity within limited headroom, impressive flow geometry, hygienic fabrication and finish and provides a complete counter to flow problems of time consolidation. The design variations built around the inherent simplicity of this concept facilitates a generous range of benefits and application flexibility. They offer particularly valuable savings on the purchase of expensive, large valves and guarantee that there is no leakage or spillage from the container during storage and transit. The range is supported by extensive ancillary equipment for bins and solids handling.

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