Olds Screw Elevator.
New Technology for Elevating Bulk Silids and Powders Equipment.

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The Olds Screw Elevator

A Revolutionary screw that doesn't revolve

Advantages over conventional screw elevators

  • Higher output.

  • Can be used to control the rate of feed.

  • Gentler handling.

  • Lower pick up/larger hopper capacity.

  • No seal leakage or bearings exposed to product.

  • Lower Maintenance.

  • Easier to access drive assembly.

  • No contact between screw and casing.

  • Deals easier with poor flowing products

  • More uniform discharge

This innovative development enlarges the scope for elevating bulk solids using a screw by overcoming many of the drawbacks and limitations of conventional machines.

Machines are available in Mild or Stainless Steel with a wide range of surface finishes. Standard sizes are 75, 100, and 160mm diameter, larger units can be produced if required. CLICK HERE for more information

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