Screw Feeders
Design, Selection and Application

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C o n t e n t s

  1. Introduction

    • Screw Applications
    • Properties of Bulk Solids

  2. Classes of Screw Equipment

  3. Screw Feeder Types

    • Collecting Feeders
    • Conveyor Feeders
    • Bin Discharge Feeders
    • Metering Feeders, Volumetric & Gravimetric

  4. Screw Construction

    • Mechanics of Screws
    • Screw forms
    • Surface Finish

  5. Interfacing Screw Feeders with Hoppers

    • Flow Patterns in Hoppers
    • Feed Hopper Geometry
    • Extraction patterns
    • Screw Geometry

  6. Selection Criteria

  7. Form of equipment

    • Hazards and Limitations
    • Capacity
    • Power

  8. Special Forms of Screw Feeders

    • Non Standard Types
    • Features and Accessories

  9. Case Studies

  10. Bibliography

  11. Definitions
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