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LynFlowTM Slide Valves

The Principle

The two main causes of slide valve clogging are blinding of the guide slots or support rollers that support the valve plate and build up around the slide gate preventing the valve from fully opening or closing.

These difficulties arise because product adhering in crevices and in confined pockets is not easily expressed by confining pressure. Instead it tends to pack ever harder, apart from any chemical or time effects that also cause the material to harden and bind on moving parts.

A common inhibiting feature of valve design is that the flow route for the product is not expanded. Consequently the valve guide mechanism and closure constraints have to be within the size of the valve opening. In practice there are many instances where this is not an inherent requirement of the installation.

Many connections to hoppers and process vessels can have connections larger than the opening size to be sealed. Transfer from one conveyor to another, and where discharge is to a skip, lorry or stockpile, similarly places no constraints on the underside of the control valve.

The Practice

Ajax Non-clog slide valves are available in a range of sizes. The slides run on parallel rods set back from the sides of the flow stream. The underside of the valve including the area into which the guide moves to open the slide is completely open to allow all material to drop away to the delivery region.

LynFlow Non-Clog Slide Valves

Sizes 100, 200, 300 and 400 square Slides comprise the standard Ajax Range, each with a choice of hand screw, pneumatic or electric operation. Special sizes may also be supplied

Construction is available in Mild or Stainless Steel.

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