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Society for the Prevention Of Cruelty to Hoppers

( S. P. O. C. H )

From time immemorial the scandalous situation has persisted that hoppers have been terribly abused and mercilessly beaten by disgruntled owners and operatives in order to deprive them of their contents.

The evidence is widespread and plain to see, ranging from minor bruising and dents to major disfigurements and malformation of shape.

This gross abuse makes the hopper even less able to work properly, leading to a vicious spiral of more frequent and violent attacks. In the most sickening cases sledgehammers and scaffolding poles are regularly swung with the utmost brute force against the defenceless and delicate surfaces of these vessels, reducing a formerly smooth and pristine boundary to a battered and scared hulk of a shell.

It must be emphasised that 'Hammer Rash' is a preventable occupational hazard.

Unprotected by law or the most fundamental civil rights, the mute suffering of these innocent hoppers stand in silent testimony to the ignorance of some designers, who persist in creating ever more of these hard working service units to face a bleak life of beatings and hammering, punished in order to carry out a duty that they are most ill suited to perform. In some instances sympathetic owners fix special 'hammering bars' to the hopper walls to protect them from this endemic industrial scourge of 'deeserfis indentus'.

It may be a slow and difficult process to overcome this practice, engrained as in historical prejudice and ignorance. This Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Hoppers is formed as a first step, to draw together enlightened engineers and managers who, by education, example and training, will spread the technology to overcome this barbaric and inefficient custom.

If you have compassion and believe with us that this primitive practice should be abolished, register your interest with Ajax. Together we will end this medieval system of objectionable industrial behaviour. Let us know of bad examples, so that we can offer relief to both the hoppers and the operatives, most of whom would be more than willing to discontinue this noisy, weary, punitive and disagreeable task.

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