Conditioning Screw Conveyor for Processing Nuclear Residue

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“conveyor “feeder “solids “Ajax “conveyor “feeder “Ajax British Nuclear Fuels plc has chosen equipment from solids handling and processing specialist, Ajax Equipment for processing and conveying residue materials.

Ajax Equipment is supplying three screw conveyors which will be positioned in a tiered arrangement such that they convey and process the materials as they are transferred to a dissolving vessel.

The seven metre length Ajax screw conveyors are made of stainless with a warm water jacket and feature a 6" inch quadrant paddle screw. An acidic solution is pumped in a contra flow to the direction of the screw. The level of the solution is controlled by a weir gate. The conveyors are tiered such that as the material reaches the end of one conveyor it is lifted into a chute, using a novel box scoop, and transferred to the next conveyor. All the conveyors are fully enclosed.

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