Screw Elevators for Powder and Bulk Solids Accommodating Inclinations up to Vertical.

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Elevator and Sack Tip Station Elevator on Mobile Frame Combined Lump breaker, Feeder and Elevator Mobile Elevator Hopper and Feeder Static Screw Elevator

AJAX Screw Elevators

Screw elevators operate using a different dynamic than screw conveyors and screw feeders. Conveyors and feeders tend to 'push' material forwards with relatively low rotational speeds and moderate to high casing loading. Elevators usually run at much higher rotational speeds and lower loading using a 'throwing' action to progress the material from flight to flight. In general the 'push' mode of conveying and feeding is acceptable for inclinations of 30℃ or below, above 50℃ the 'throw' mode of an elevator is preferred. Between these limits the most suitable mode of transfer is highly material dependent.

Elevators can be designed to accept a flood feed, however, a controlled feed is preferred and is a better option for reliable flow. Combined elevators and feeders with a cantilevered screw advancing material directly into the elevator is often the best arrangement. 'U' trough elevators are rare as materials transfer more readily when constrained with a circular casing.

AJAX have produced elevators for all powder handling industries and for a vast range of materials including difficult to handle gels and filter cakes. As with all our product range, European Union directives such as PED and ATEX can be accommodated as required. AJAX also produce an elevator with a static screw and a rotating casing. This design is useful where the elevator needs to control the rate of feed and where large distances need to be spanned by a single screw. Please Click Here for more information on this type of screw elevator.

  • Clean out doors.
  • Alternative materials of construction and finish.
  • Drive arrangements to suit individual requirements.
  • Split Casings for easy cleaning.
  • Chute or hopper style inlets.
  • Mobile or fixed units.
  • Dust extraction hoods.
  • Jacketed construction suitable for steam or water.

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