Jacketed Twin Shaft Ribbon Flight and Paddle Screw Mixers for Mixing Powders and Bulk Solids with Heated Jacket and Shaft

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Ajax LynFlowTM Continuous Mixer

Suitable for Food, Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Other Industries.

The Principle

Continuous mixing offers many advantages for process lines which deliver a repetitive product to packing or to other process equipment. There are less stages of handling and product consistency is built into the system, compared with the batch method of re-determining the appropriate quantities for each separate operation.

The most significant aspect of continuous mixing efficiency is the small scale over which the mixing process is required to achieve homogeneity, in contrast to the greater masses and longer distances that the constituents have to be re-ordered in a batch mixer. The work input to the product is substantially reduced, so minimising particle attrition, heat input and damage to sensitive products.

For blending duties that involve free flowing components it is virtually impossible to eliminate the pernicious effect of various segregating mechanisms when handling a large batch of loose solids composed of particles fractions that have differing physical characteristics. Such mixtures often separate badly in subsequent handling, with adverse consequences. Continuous mixing offers the facility to gently mix chosen, proportioned rates of particles that differ in particle size, density, or other property that provokes segregation, and deliver the correctly proportioned ingredients to the point of use.

powder mixer

screw mixer The Practice

Ajax Continuous Mixers are available in a range of sizes in both single and double shaft versions. These are selected on the basis of the amount of required work input needed to achieve the degree of intimacy of mixing of the components of the final product.

Single or multiple solids feeders can be arranged to deliver in unison, or in a required sequence to the mixer. Liquor additions can be made by way of sprays or direct pipes, as appropriate.

Facilities for recycle, rework or for the introduction of off-spec. fillers, or other product to be combined with the mix, can be made at an early or late stage in the mixing process.

The LynFlow Range of Mixers

  • Sizes 100, 200, 300 and 400 diameter Mixers comprise the standard Ajax Range, each in single or twin shaft arrangements.
  • Construction is available in Mild Steel, Stainless Steel or Hastaloy, with the option of heated or cooled jackets and heated or cooled screws. shafts.
  • Inter-changable shafts with LynFlow ribbon or paddle type elements.
  • Easi-Clean and CIP are offered as option

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