Screw Feeders for all powder handling industries. Products include Gravity Flow Screw Feeders, Agitated Screw Feeders and Hopper and Feeder assemblies.

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Agitated Screw Feeder for the Food Industry Twin Screw Feeder for Waste ighly Polished Mobile Feeders with Hoppers Mobile Agitated Screw Feeder Hopper with Square to Round Transition Outlet into Feeder Pharmaceutical Screw Feeder

AJAX Screw Feeders

Screw Feeders are constant displacement devices that employ a variable speed drive to provide volumetric control of powder flow. This type of feeder is usually flood fed from hoppers, silos or bins. The feeder, depending on the application, may have of one or more screws. Multiple screws are employed for materials that resist flow and have potential to arch over narrow inlet slots. A Screw feeder may also have an agitated hopper section above the inlet in which case the sweep of a blade is used to encourage material into the screw and to disturb consolidated material above the screw.

Ajax equipment produce a range of screw feeders for handling powders and bulk solids. The feeders are usually designed to suit specific applications. Materials of construction are also selected to suit the application and include mild steel, all grades of stainless steel, and high specification alloys. Ajax feeders may be single or multiple screw and can be supplied in conjunction with an appropriate hopper which may, if required, have an agitated section above the inlet. Equipment intended for use within the European Community is supplied with a Declaration of Incorporation or a CE marking as appropriate and can be certified in compliance with EC directives such as ATEX and PED if required. Ajax also produce equipment in compliance with international regulations outside the EU. Special features often incorporated in Ajax screw feeders include the following:
AJAX screw feeders are used across a wide range of industries from pharmaceutical production to waste handling. Ajax take an integrated approach to hopper and feeder interfacing including flow property assessment for hopper design and screw geometry selection ensuring reliable performance even with the most demanding applications.

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