Lump Breakers (Pre Breakers) to break down lumps and aggregates in bulk solids and powders.

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Twin Screw lump with Chisel Hopper Screw lump with Agitated Hopper Screw lumps for the Pharmaceutical Industry. Easy Clean Agitated Screw lump Serrated Lump Breaker Blade

These robust machines are available as either Low or High Speed devices in the form of hopper or chute feed or as pipeline versions.

Low Speed versions are for gentle crushing duties on brittle products that require breaking down without the generation of excessive dust and fines. Heat or work sensitive granules, such as resins, are fractured and reduced to smaller pieces by a powerful low-speed crushing, without the violent shattering and disintegration that accompanies the more dynamic action of high impact speeds. A higher proportion of granules are created in the upper size range determined by the grill, and less fines.

The shafts and blades impose a three-stage action on the lumps, wedging and crushing against the casing and grill by means of the square shaft and the short radius edges of the mechanism. The residual lumps are forced through the grill by means of the sliding and crushing action of the blade edges.

High Speed breakers are more destructive of the granular materials, combining the effect of impact, wedging and trapping at a rapid rate, to fracture the chunks into a wide range of particulate fractions, none larger than will pass through the grid.

The Breakers are made in a range of sizes in single or twin shaft arrangements. The twin shafts machines contra-rotate, to draw lumps into the central breaking zone, providing a self-cleaning action, thereby permitting the breaker to smash larger and denser lumps without bridging or clogging.

Special Blade Design.

A distinctive feature of the design is that the blade fixings are radially offset to the square centre shaft in order to develop progressive sliding contact forces and provide a strong mechanical fixture of the blades by virtue of utilising the shear strength, rather than tensile strength of the connection. This robust construction reflects the exploitation of mechanical and solids rheological principles that give the machines a competitive edge over conventional design.


Standard Construction for the body section is in Mild Steel, with abrasion resistance breaker bars. Alternatives include: - Fabrication throughout in stainless steel grade 304 or 316 quality with a choice of finishes. ‘Specials’ in Hastaloy or with hard weld deposits are also available.

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