Powder Testing and Services Including Pilot Plant Trials and Demonstrations.

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Milton Works, Mule Street, Bolton, UK, BL2 2AR
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The Ajax Test Centre undertakes powder testing for flow by means of wall friction measurements and forms of shear testing appropriate to the application. Developing from long association with Universities, Government and Industrial Research Bodies and other specialist organisations, Ajax designs and manufactures a range of test devices, including linear and annular shear, wall friction, attrition, cohesion and a tensile tester. Other tests are carried out for wear, porosity, fluidising and settling effects.

A number of these devices are available for sale and instruction seminars are given on their use. Special test equipment, models and plant units are also made for particular investigations.

The test Centre also has a wide variety of Feeders, Mixers, Hoppers and special test units that are available for working tests or site trials under a load agreement.

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