Stainless steel twin shaft continuous mixer with heated shafts and jacket for confectionery production.

AJAX Mixer for Confectionary Products

Ajax Equipment has supplied a leading confectionery manufacturer with a stainless steel continuous mixer for combining chocolate paste with various inclusions including friable ingredients.

The 3.6m paddle screw, continuous mixer is made of 316 grade stainless steel and includes a jacket on the outer screw casing and rotary unions fitted to the paddle auger so that the contact surfaces can be heated with warm water. The heated auger will combine a warm chocolate with inclusions in a continuous process; a significant improvement on batch mixing for processing sticky foods. In addition, the Ajax continuous mixer also allows greater control of product quality, and as well as recipe changes during production.

High Standards of Hygiene

To meet the high standards of hygiene required for confectionery production, the continuous mixer is highly polished with a crack and crevice finish. The mixer's auger features a quick release mechanism allowing for easy removal for the most thorough cleaning between recipes.

For maximum flexibility during production operations at the manufacturing facility, the continuous mixer is mounted on wheels and a support track, enabling the whole unit to be retracted away from the production line.

"A similar Ajax continuous mixer has been successfully operating for us for the past three years. Two of the key benefits of the continuous mixer are the ability to clean it free from allergens and the ease with which it can be incorporated into the existing system," commented a senior engineer at the confectionery company.

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