Continuous auger based mixers with paddle or ribbon, twin or single, mixing elements for blending, mixing and conditioning dry solids or solids and liquids.

AJAX Paddle and Ribbon Continuous Mixers

AJAX mixers produce a high quality mix at the 'scale of scrutiny' because of the efficient multiple and progressive actions of paddles or ribbons. Homogeneity is quickly achieved and the reduced work input means low energy requirements. Particle attrition and damage to sensitive products are also minimised. Product transfer is concurrent with the mixing process so segregation and quality issues associated with intermediate storage and separate, sequential operations can be avoided. Reduced handling and mix quality are built in, so the rejection of large quantities and inconsistencies that can arise from batch manufacture are prevented. Easy cleaning with the ability to both clean-in-place and quickly change over the mixing augers means that downtime is reduced and cross contamination avoided. AJAX ribbon and paddle flights gently mix and positively combine solids and liquids that differ in flow properties, size, density, or other tendency that might provoke segregation to deliver the correctly proportioned ingredient mix.

Features Include:

Many model sizes are available with a wide range of throughputs. A compact footprint and design flexibility makes for an easy fit into plant processes.


Approximate mixing element diameter and throughput relationship

Mixing Element
Diameter (mm)


75 0.5
100 0.7
125 1
150 1.5
200 3.5
250 7
300 12
400 30
500 45
600 75
700 120

Please note that actual continuous mixer throughputs are highly material(s) dependent and may vary significantly depending on the nature of the end product as well as the characteristics of the products being mixed. AJAX have a number of pilot machine mixers that can be used to asses size requirement as well as optimising other features such as ribbon or paddle design. These machines can be utilised at AJAX or loaned out to site for process evaluation and product optimisation.

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Please call AJAX on 44 (0)1204 386723 if you have a mixing application or want to know more about our continuous mixers.
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