Pharmaceutical standard powder handling equipment including feeders, conveyors, mixers, hoppers, lump breakers, heat exchangers and cryogenic coolers.

AJAX produce a wide range of powder handling and processing equipment for the pharmaceutical and associated industries. Equipment is manufactured in stainless steel or high alloy metals with mirror or electro polished surface finishes. Containment is achieved through sophisticated seal arrangements. Hygiene is maintained through hygienic design including clean in place and steam in place systems.

AJAX specialise in producing equipment that is easy to clean or sterilise ensuring that equipment is easy to strip down and re-assemble when clean in place is insufficient for hygiene standards. AJAX also frequently produce ATEX and PED compliant equipment for pharmaceutical producers including Category IV pressure vessels and equipment with Zone 0/20 internally designated atmospheres.

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Ajax Mobile Loading Hopper for Pharmaceutical Production.
Powder Handling - Meeting the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Challenge.
Mobile Lump Breaker with Feed Hopper For Intersurgical.
Clean in Place Agitated Screw Feeders for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients.
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