Hoppers and hopper design page with links to useful information on hopper design for avoiding discharge problems and achieving reliable flow.

AJAX Hoppers for Reliable Discharge of Bulk Solids

Throughout industry a prodigious variety of bulk solids are stored in hoppers or silos in quantities ranging from a few kilos to thousands of tonnes. It is an unfortunate fact that many installations are plagued by discharge problems. Common problems include inability to discharge on demand, a significant irretrievable inventory and the products unsuitability for subsequent process or purpose because of difficulties associated with segregation or uncontrollable 'flushing'.

This page links areas of our website that provide useful information relating to hopper design issues and promote good design based on an understanding of the flow behaviour of Bulk Solids.

Technical Links

Key Steps for Hopper Design
Hopper Inserts
Hopper and Feeder Interface
Powder Testing for Flow

Hopper Volume Calculations

Conical Hopper
Pyramid Hopper
Transition Hopper
Chisel Hopper

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