Screw conveyors for handling powders and bulk solids. AJAX screw conveyors are individually designed to suit each individual application.

AJAX Screw Conveyors

Screw conveyors accept a controlled feed from upstream equipment such as a screw feeder or a rotary valve. Screw conveyors are usually horizontal or inclined up to 30° but with some materials and with a careful approach to conveyor design, can be used at elevations of up to 45°. If inclinations above 30° are required a Screw Elevator should be considered.

Standard screw conveyors are made for simple conveying duties and straightforward applications. The strength of AJAX, however, is our ability to produce individually designed units that include features to overcome awkward installations, materials that are difficult to handle, or include performance or process functions beyond simple conveying. Some requirements may be concerned with aspects of hygiene and clean-ability, others with bulk solids that have poor or delicate conveying properties. Ajax screw conveyors can be made fully compliant with UK and European legislation including the ATEX directive and Pressure Equipment Directive as required.

Ajax individually designed units can also include features to deal with:
Our conveyors can be manufactured in a range of materials including carbon steel, stainless steels and other high alloy steels. Wear parts such as the flights and the casings can be produced from abrasion-resistant steels or hard coated by various methods.

Whatever the conveying application or whatever issues you might have with existing equipment AJAX will undertake an expert assessment and provide the most practical and reliable solution.

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Please call AJAX on 44 (0)1204 386723 if you have a potential screw conveyor application or if you would like more information about screw conveyors.
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